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What if architecture helps industries absorb more CO² than they generate


name - [ˈakwətriːt]

To meet the growing, worldwide demand for water purifying products, Aquatreat – a world leading company in industrial water treatment and trailblazer in ecologic water management - invested not only in this state-of-the-art industrial facility with passive offices, labs and production areas. It invested in a crystal clear statement: highly specialized industrial processes and sustainability aren't mutually exclusive. On the contrary. 

“The study and design took three years, but I remember the breakthrough meeting I had with Koen Van Grimbergen. It only took us 45 minutes to draw up the final concept that made everything come together.

Not many architects are willing and able to sit and think with their customers the way YUGENING did.”

(Jan Vandersypen, Founder of Aquatreat)

The result is an exemplary synergy of economy, aesthetics and ecology. 

  • Location: Aarschot, Belgium

  • Date: 2015-2016

  • Client: International Aquatreat Co BVBA

  • Market: industrial 

  • Services: architecture

  • Photo credits: Marc Scheepers - Hanne Joosen


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Every YUGENING design has its one of a kind coloured fingerprint. A combination of WELL, ECO and TECH elements that provide the specific solution that specific project deserves. Find out how the YUGENING process works.

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