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What if architecture creates a sense of pride in those who call it home?


name - [bouhuis]

Creating optimal added value with limited resources goes far beyond what choices of materials and pure technical interventions are able to achieve. Bouwhuis’ 48 studio’s, duplexes and 1 to 4 bedrooms apartments are timeless, maintenance friendly and sustainably built with a sense of belonging at the heart of their design. 


Bouwhuis is a safe haven, vandal resistant and surprisingly affordable oasis in the middle of vibrant city.  

The attention to detail of its high-quality living spaces creates a sense of pride in those who call Bouwhuis home. This in turn invites people to truly take care of their building, which translates into a healthy return on investment as years go by.


Bouwhuis is situated adjacent to the AB Headquarters.   

  • Location: Antwerp, Belgium

  • Date: 2014-2016

  • Client: Eiffage Development - Immoflandria THV

  • Market: residential 

  • Services: architecture, project development

  • Photo credits: Hanne Joosen


For formal press releases, interviews and high resolution images, contact us at or call +32 3 609 68 00

Every YUGENING design has its one of a kind coloured fingerprint. A combination of WELL, ECO and TECH elements that provide the specific solution that specific project deserves. Find out how the YUGENING process works.

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