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We need to talk

about the C word 

When people feel compelled to take on voluntary work in a hospital or retirement homes, that’s not because of a virus. That’s because the desire to make a difference, to care for others, to contribute to their community is in their genes.  

When people become more mindful of what they eat, start taking better care of their physical, mental and emotional health as best they can and know how to, that’s not because of a pandemic. That’s because that wisdom was there all along. 

When you question where and why you are spending the best hours of your day during the best days of your life – read: your current workplace – That's not because your hand gel fumes are messing with your mind.

It’s because developing who you are and what you stand for is a crucial part of you. 

A crisis doesn't change people. 
A crisis doesn’t change companies. 
It reveals them. 


So here we are, still growing, still hiring and becoming more YUGENING with each passing day.

We wish the same for you. May you be seen for who you truly are. Not despite these trying times, but because of them.


Be well, be safe, 
All the best in 2021. 

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