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What if architecture literally creates common ground for work-life balance


The scene: At the stunning borders of the river Scheldt, on the former “Algemene Bouwwerken Maes” concrete production site.


The story: Living meets Working, nature meets city and liveliness meets tranquillity to create the feel-good moving of the year for all commuters and residents involved.


Thanks to a healthy amount of quality time spent with the city of Ghent, a Masterplan was drawn up that allowed the two office areas and a variety of residential units to co-exist in such a manner that they are both separated and linked by a rolling green backbone and open vistas. 


FORUM will have you walk, take stairs, promote the use of public transport before getting into the car. It does so elegantly, practically and in a non intrusive manner.

  • Location: Ghent, Belgium

  • Date: 2017-2020

  • Client: Alides REIM NV

  • Market: offices 

  • Services: architecture, masterplan

  • Photo credits: YUGENING


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