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What if architecture in the middle of a flood area was no cause of concern whatsoever? 


Natural stone is a mesmerizing product that is a source of inspiration in and off itself. Where the industrial artisanship of processing natural stone sits next to the craftsman home, YUGENING architecture makes sure they play nice.

Acoustic insulation, on site water treatment to process sludge (the byproduct of processing natural stone), the integration and use of heavy machinery while assuring accessible and comfortable commercial and administrative spaces, the resident's desire for an abundance of light and room to breath integrated in yet separated from the rest of the structure, etc makes the building a calling card for Interstone and YUGENING Architecture alike.

  • Location: Lier, Belgium

  • Date: 2009

  • Client: Interstone NV

  • Market: residential, utilities

  • Services: architecture

  • Photo credits:


For formal press releases, interviews and high resolution images, contact us at or call +32 3 609 68 00

Every YUGENING design has its one of a kind coloured fingerprint. A combination of WELL, ECO and TECH elements that provide the specific solution that specific project deserves. Find out how the YUGENING process works.

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