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The basics, period.



YUGENING's approach to being and doing WELL provokes and supports an active life style, eating healthier, meeting more productively, creating collectively, sleeping better, feeling more energized, acting environmentally responsible…

Below you'll find more info on the elements that make up WELL:

Architectural Storytelling

Behavioral Design

Customer's Narrative


Recently nature and the man-made environment started a form of relationship therapy, known as: biophilic architecture.

This approach - which is the foundation of YUGENING's ECO - combines the strengths of the built environment with all that nature has to offer.

Below you'll find a basic Q&A that brings you up to speed on the biophilic phenomenon :

What is biophilia?

What is the biophilic hypothesis?

What is biophilic architecture?

What is biophilic design?

What are biophilic cities?

What is biophilic urban planning?


A coffee machine that senses you're in need of your third cup of the day, isn't smart technology.

YUGENING's TECH creates an environment where people no longer need to overdose on caffeine and sugar to make it through the day.


Below you'll find a few links that explain the basics of SMART technology: 

What is SMART technology?

What is IoT, Internet of Things?
How does SMART tech work?
What is a SMART device?
What makes a building SMART?

What is a SMART city?

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