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Outstanding architecture stands out

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

UPDATE: As much as I would have loved to meet you on March 10th, it has just been decided that MIPIM will be rescheduled to 2-5 June 2020. A shame, but with health and well-being at the core of who we are and what kind of architecture we stand for, I can only say this: good call, and we'll see each other in good health.

One of my favorite things about MIPIM is the blue and grey canvas it provides. Let me explain. Thanks to the massive conspiracy of thousands of my male colleagues in real estate and architecture to wear blue or grey at MIPIM, they help me make my orange outfit stand out. I. LOVE. THAT.

I can’t help but smile when realizing this : simply by being present at MIPIM, YUGENING stands out. It’s the contrast, the borderline comical clash of contexts that says: outstanding architecture stands out.

Together with MIPIM ladies I’ll be raising a glass to standing out. Just for the fun of it. And because it allows us to connect on a personal level. Tuesday the 10th of March, between 4PM and 6PM, Chris, Ingrid, Manou, Micheline, Sabien, Enza, Martine, Vanessa and I are having our Apéro of the MipimLadies.

Feel like joining me? Drop me a line and who knows, we’ll be toasting together. Just make sure you’re wearing blue or grey. ;-)



#MIPIMladies #MIPIM2020

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