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What if architecture did what is right, no just what is required? 


name - [ˈprɪnsəpɑrk]

24 Villa Apartments that take side with ecology AND luxury: ‘Prinsenpark’ is testament to how these are not mutually exclusive, while being and feeling quite exclusive indeed. 

A stone’s throw away from the center of Kapellen, ‘Prinsenpark’ sits quitely in the middle of lush green surroundings. Thanks to a combination of personal solar panels, heat pumps and  triple sunlight-reflecting glazing - to name just a few conscious choices - ‘Prinsenpark’ already meets stringent E20-norm requirements, way ahead of the lesser E30-norm that is required from 2021 onward.  


All 120 tot 186m² units’ southwest-oriented terraces, take care of their residents’ vitamin D levels as well as ear to ear smiles. 

  • Location: Kapellen, Belgium

  • Date: 2020-2022

  • Client: Steen Vastgoed NV

  • Market: residential 

  • Services: architecture

  • Photo credits: YUGENING & 3d depoo


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Every YUGENING design has its one of a kind coloured fingerprint. A combination of WELL, ECO and TECH elements that provide the specific solution that specific project deserves. Find out how the YUGENING process works.

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