Setting a new standard for a healthier and happier workplace smack in the middle of a highly urbanized context, isn't so much a bold choice, as a necessary one. 

'Le Président' is to become 'The Precedent', a nudge towards acknowledging the hidden potential of one of Brussels' most renowned streets. 


A hidden gem in the centre of the historic heart of Antwerp, a near impossible renovation of a dome while keeping the underlying bank's data center and offices functioning and secure from the elements. 

Time to shed some light on this architectural feat.



When trying to allign economic, aesthetic and ecological interest, many cannot see the wood for the trees. 

World leading water treatment expert Aquatreat teamed up with YUGENING to take on that challenge and created a ground breaking economically viable and ecologically sound statement. 


Codexx embodies what work will look like in the (near) future: transparant, flexible, inclusive and sustainable, loaded with smart applications and a keen eye for beauty and balance.

Else said, Codexx in two words: Brains & Beauty, a formidable combination.




Ecology and luxury are not mutually exclusive. Quite the contrary.


Prinsenpark is a stellar example of how conscious ecological choices to build ahead of future legal norms of sustainability and energy consumption, result in truly qualitative living.



When circumstances are restrictive in one sense, they tend to free your spirit in another direction. That pretty much sums up the way AB's (Antwerpse Bouwwerken) headquarters are designed.


A concrete showcase of what liberating constraints produce. 


Architecture cannot make you like a person, but it most definitely can contribute to you not disliking people.

How? 'Streepstraat' figured it out. By giving residents of a collective housing project the one thing they so desperately crave: privacy.



Where can living and working meet? Where can green and urban live together? Where can spaciousness and optimal surface use strengthen each other? 


On former concrete factory grounds of course, where these unique dialogues are provided their perfect forum. 


Two previously separate projects are now joined by the hip in terms of structure, energy efficiency, integration of sustainable techniques and lay outof the surrounding area.



Showrooms are not just for show. They need to sensibly facilitate sales people, technical staff, goods, materials, a lean workflow, a sustainable way of dealing with waste. Not to mention, make the customer feel welcome.


But at Audi Thoen, YUGENING took it one step further.    


YUGENING Architects

by Orens & Van Grimbergen

Architecten BVBA

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Architect & Founding Partner Véronique Orens is WELL AP™.

The WELL AP™ trademark is used with permission from the International WELL Building Institute™.

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