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Salix - Wetteren

worry free in the middle

of a flood area


Timeless, sustainable and maintenance friendly. Those are just a few elements that make up SALIX' attraction and value.

Its optimized use of space, its relationship with the surrounding area, its thoughtful design to 'nudge' its occupants towards a sense of pride and connection to the property, all of it is a conscious choice.

That choice was inspired by the meticulous frugal approach the second SALIX was conceptualized.  

  • Location: Wetteren, Belgium

  • Date: 2014-2015

  • Client: Immoflandria CVA 

  • Market: residential

  • Services: architecture, project development

  • Photo credits: Hanne Joosen


For formal press releases, interviews and high resolution images, contact us at or call +32 3 609 68 00

Every YUGENING design has its one of a kind coloured fingerprint. A combination of WELL, ECO and TECH elements that provide the specific solution that specific project deserves. Find out how the YUGENING process works.

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