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noun - [ˈiːkəʊ ˈlɒdʒɪk]:

designing a sequence of actions that trigger 

beneficial behaviors for a given situation.

Even the most iconic movies, all start with a script. That script is the foundation of the entire experience of a motion picture. It contains the movements, actions, expressions and dialogues of its characters. The hero becomes a hero because of the story it lays out.


Architectural scripting is exactly that. It describes the way in which the characters of a building – all of its spaces and features – create movement, actions, expressions and even dialogue amongst its occupants and neighbors. It is the foundation of the experience told by the entire structure. The hero, you, becomes a hero because of the narrative written into the building’s design.


Architectural scripting can i.e. provoke and support an active life style, eating healthier, meeting more productively, creating collectively, sleeping better, feeling more energized, acting environmentally responsible…


It achieves that by integrating biophilic architecture and smart technology on one hand, and intentional behavioral triggers on the other.

Here's the ABC of architectural scripting:

Architectural Storytelling

Behavioral Design

Customer's Narrative


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