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What if architecture made

neighbours like each other.



name - [ˈstre:pstrat]

Streepstraat – which isn’t a reference to a well-known Academy Award hording actress – sets the stage for something you wouldn’t expect when thinking about living in an apartment. That people would actively look each other up. That new neighbours are old school neighbours: people that actually know each other. And while architecture cannot make you like a person, it can contribute to you not disliking people. How? 

By designing visual and acoustic privacy. By providing an experience that makes you realize that you do indeed live in a residential complex, yet were seeing and hearing each other unsolicitedly isn’t an issue.

And so, by granting individuals more ‘space’, they are far more willing to be part of a collective. Which they actively are, adding to their own quality of life. 



That is not even mentioning how ‘Streepstraat’ honours the age-old trees on the premises, how it has saved a landmark decommissioned water tower and how the project successfully optimized construction costs. In a way Streepstraat deserves its very own Oscar nomination. 

  • Location: Kapellen, Belgium

  • Date: 2016-2017

  • Client: Steen Vastgoed

  • Market: residential 

  • Services: masterplan, architecture

  • Photo credits: YUGENING & 3d depoo


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