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What if architecture creates a precedent for well-being in a highly urbanized context



name - [ˈˈprɛsɪd(ə)nt]

As Union Investment and YUGENING team up to remodel “Le Président” on Brussels’ Avenue Louise, they will not just be reshaping the building. They will create a precedent for how people and places can thrive in a heavily urbanized context. And so, consequently “Le Président” will be renamed “The Precedent”,  

The building is situated on the convergence of three streets, each with their own specific urban planning realities, in terms of building lines and heights. Because of this peculiar situation - rather than despite of it – ‘The Precedent’ offers 25% more m2 of useable space than its current ‘Le Président’ configuration by simply making use of previously unused potential.

The result is an exemplary synergy of economy, aesthetics and ecology. 


See PDF for press release. For interviews and high resolution images, feel free to contact us at or call 

+32 3 609 68 00

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