BIOPHILIC - adjective
ophilic  [ˈbʌɪə(ʊ)ˈfɪlɪk]

What is biophilic architecture?

Biophilic architecture is an expression of biophilia in the built environment.

Based on the theories of psychoanalyst Erick Sellgman Fromm and biologist Edward Osborn Wilson Biophilic architecture seeks to integrate natural elements into the artificial environment in order to reap the benefits of being ‘in nature’ on the individual and societal level.  


Biophilic architecture appropriately incorporates natural materials, light, views, vegetation, water bodies and movement for greater creativity, productivity, engagement, quality of life, health, wellbeing and sensible longterm profitability.  


The YUGENING proces sees biophilia as one of its three guiding principles.

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