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acronym - [smahrt]:

Self-Monitoring Analysis And Reporting Technology originally used to monitor hard drives. 

If you think of nature and the man-made environment as a couple, their relationship status has always been: 'it's complicated'. Today however, biophilic architecture makes them more appreciative of one another than ever before. Which is wonderful news, because all of us stand to gain from their faithful and fruitful partnership.

In essence, biophilic architecture helps to make inside the new outside, with all the benefits for our health and wealth that come with that.

Below you'll find a basic Q&A that brings you up to speed on the biophilic phenomenon :

What is biophilia?

What is the biophilic hypothesis?

What is biophilic architecture?

What is biophilic design?

What are biophilic cities?

What is biophilic urban planning?

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