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Yugening a space has such

a profound effect on you,

you never want to

leave it again.

A room can have such an intense effect on you, you never want to set foot in it again. In most cases however, this process is far less noticable at first. Yet slowly and gradually, year after year, you start to feel less focussed, less energized, less you.

Why is that? It's the architecture, stupid.

The YUGENING design process inspires the exact opposite: it creates spaces that have such a profound effect on you, you never want to leave them again.


This is a three step process that aims for the synergy between three superpowers WELL, ECO & TECH.

your YUGENING superpowers



empowers you

Each of the 100+ icons represent a specific design / technical choice in terms of WELL, ECO & TECH.


vitalizes you

With close to 5.000 possible basic configurations each design is uniquely refined.



assists you

The final configuration is greater than the sum of its parts, giving a building its YUGENING 'soul'.

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The question is always the same:


And since no project is the same, the answer is always different. The result of this design process is a colour code that is as unique as the project itself. 

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